Caitlin Ahern

English communication in Graz, Austria

The atmosphere is just so… “gemütlich”

Gemütlichkeit. Unterwegs. Mahlzeit! These words have been creeping into my English since moving to Austria. Before, if someone were to ask “How was your lunch with so-and-so?” I could reply, … Continue reading

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More Fun with Homonyms

I am always in awe of how well some non-native English speakers have mastered my language, especially the pronunciation. For every pronunciation “rule” there seem to be dozens of exceptions. … Continue reading

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False Friends

After more than six years in Austria, I, too, am guilty of using “beamer” when I mean projector, and not a BMW! Though some of these, like “showmaster,” I’ve never … Continue reading

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When a “Facebook” Was an Actual Book

Don’t forget “the face book”! When I arrived at the gates of my college in 2003, each incoming student received a “face book” including pictures and names of all of … Continue reading

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The Importance of Commas

These days, a lot of people think that learning proper punctuation is unnecessary. But let the BBC show you just how important the placement of commas is, especially when you … Continue reading

February 27, 2014 · 1 Comment

Living in Styria with Children

For any of you with children (or, like me, about to have one!), I will be assisting at this informational event sponsored by CINT and ZweiundMehr. They will be explaining … Continue reading

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An American’s Guide to a Foreigner’s Guide to the Super Bowl

A friend of mine posted this wonderful article from Slate, satirizing American media’s portrayal of foreign events while giving us Americans a much-needed foreign perspective on what may be the … Continue reading

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“Breaking Bad”: Austria Edition

One of my favorite T.V. shows of the last few years has definitely been “Breaking Bad,” about a high school chemistry teacher who turns to alternative sources of income to … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Learning Styles with Marjorie Rosenberg

Teacher colleagues and English learners, I just wanted to let you know about an upcoming talk for teachers and non-teachers alike at the International Women’s Association! Spotlight on Learning Styles … Continue reading

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If English didn…

If English didn’t lend us one or two little words every once in a while, we would probably call blogs “digitale Netztagebücher” and apps “Anwendungen für mobile Endgeräte.” Even for … Continue reading

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