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All About Pregnancy & Childbirth in Graz

Last Thursday, March 26, I spoke at an event organized by CINT – Club International on pregnancy and childbirth in Graz. The evening was geared towards people new to Graz or Austria in general, to inform them of the myriad benefits and protections offered by the Austrian government to pregnant women and new parents. The information can be overwhelming at times – there is Wochengeld, Kinderbetreuungsgeld, Familienbeihilfe, etc. – but the take-home message is this: There is so much paperwork involved because you GET so much from the government! In America, for instance, you don’t have that much paperwork with a pregnancy because, well, you don’t get anything.

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My hope was to inform and empower people to make the best choices for themselves and their families. I always love to help fellow foreigners feel more at home here in Graz!


For more information on what was covered in my talk, see my other website, Good in Graz.

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