Caitlin Ahern

English communication in Graz, Austria

When a “Facebook” Was an Actual Book

Don’t forget “the face book”! When I arrived at the gates of my college in 2003, each incoming student received a “face book” including pictures and names of all of the freshman. That way, when you met someone you liked you could look them up “in” the face book.

The next spring, however, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook (at the time, “The” Facebook) expanded to Columbia University and suddenly my friends and I were able to look up people and “friend” them “on” Facebook. (See this article from the Harvard Crimson, when Facebook had only a mere 7,500 users!) It’s such a common word in our vocabulary, but it’s easy to forget that Facebook used to really be a book!

Here are more words that have changed usage over time:

15 Retronyms for When You’re Talking Old School | Mental Floss.

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