Caitlin Ahern

English communication in Graz, Austria

Cooking from Other Cultures: American Independence Day Food

What better way to kick off our summer cooking classes than with 4th of July food from the homeland! On the 4th of July, we celebrate our independence with parades and fireworks, but like most holidays, food can become the focal point. Unlike Thanksgiving there are no “must-have” dishes across the country, but the time of year dictates some simple cookout food – Wir grillen!

Rebecca started with Ants on a Log – This is nothing fancy, just a strange but beloved American snack. Can you name the 3 ingredients?

photo 5

Then onto something a little more challenging: pickle relish. In a country that loves Essiggurken and loves all kinds of other relishes, we just can’t fathom why Austria has not yet discovered pickled relish! Well, maybe it’s the staggering list of ingredients… To go along with it, we made a few hot dogs in hot dog buns, and a side dish of cole slaw using cabbage, carrots and mayonnaise.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 4

But what’s an American feast without some sugar? Sure, healthy people would opt for watermelon instead, but we decided to go with chocolate brownies. They are simple to make, fit in practically any pan, and can be cut up and packed in your picnic basket for dessert.

photo 1

photo 2     photo 5

Mmmmmm…. By 5:00 p.m., our bellies were full, vocabulary lists were added to, and we all got some new ideas for our next barbeques at home, with family and friends.

photo 1

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