Caitlin Ahern

English communication in Graz, Austria

New Spring Courses at Urania

April 10 begins my new trimester at Urania in Graz!

This spring I’ll be teaching 4 classes:  A1 (holidays and vacations), A2, B2.2 (discussion-based) and C1 (The North American Way), all on Wednesdays. More details can be found here. If my classes don’t work for you, I heartily recommend my esteemed colleague and dear friend, Rebecca Zillinger, who also is teaching a bunch of new courses listed here.

Just to warn you, my classes are heavily discussion-based and featuring the very best of American English – this can be an adjustment for those of you who are used to British English, but I promise that in 3 weeks you’ll be completely used to it. (And by the end of the course, you just might be speaking “Amayyyrikin” yourself!)

I’m also working on a bunch of new ideas for bringing more English to Graz, so keep checking in!

What are your experiences with language classes in Graz? What are the best places you’ve been to?



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