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English communication in Graz, Austria

How far would you go for a good deal?

On Thursday I had a wonderful, laid-back Thanksgiving, full of good food, qualilty time with friends and family, and reflection on the multitude of things I am most grateful for in life. This is why I love Thanksgiving — not that I don’t love Christmas too, but Thanksgiving should be a less materialistic, less stressful holiday.
And then midnight strikes and Black Friday begins. I asked my Wednesday classes to guess what “Black Friday” refers to. They had some excellent guesses, but I kept getting more uncomfortable as their guesses became more generous. “Is it when people go out and buy food and clothing to donate to the poor?” one woman asked. “Umm, no… that would be really great, but think much, much worse..”

On Black Friday, you can get great deals on holiday gifts with plenty of time to wrap them. That is, if you make it out of the store alive. Here is a list of 5 incidents from Walmart last year, included a full-fledged riot on $2 waffle makers:

Walmart’s violent Black Friday: 5 ‘grim’ incidents – The Week.

What do you think: will this insanity ever spread to Austria?

One comment on “How far would you go for a good deal?

  1. Don Hartness
    November 26, 2012

    I hope not. I would not wish this insanity, or so many other insanities that Americans breed, on my worst enemy.

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