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TOEFL Resources

For anyone prepping for the TOEFL, here are some resources to help you along the way:

– Main site of the Educational Testing Service/TOEFL. This is where you can get practice tests, official information and register for the test in Graz or Vienna.

Listening  National Public Radio is like the Ö1 of the U.S. I highly recommend browsing through their podcasts and trying out a few that might interest you. This is American (and sometimes British) English at its finest!

–  Or just go directly to This American Life – my favorite – and you won’t regret it! On a recent bus ride to Venice I downloaded a bunch and listened the ENTIRE way there (and back). I didn’t want to get off the bus!  This site offers fascinating talks to listen to or watch on a variety of subjects – browse by topic or choose at random. Perfect to listen to while you’re cooking, getting ready in the morning, or wanting to relax. They may even make you smarter…

Reading  The New York Times has comprehensive articles and blogs on a variety of subjects – browse around and pick something that sounds interesting. Or, even better, pick something that you would NEVER want to read about, and it may surprise you. Nate Silver’s blog FiveThirtyEight has been in the headlines recently for accurately predicting all 50 states’ presidential picks on Tuesday and has gotten even the most skeptical math-ophobes excited about statistics.


What else have you used that has been helpful? Please add in the comments below!

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